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Oct 2012 new website is up and running.

 we Specialize in VW and Porsche Scale Models from Germany. VW bug ,VW Bus, VW Typ III ,VW Thing. Porsche 911 Scale Models ,Porsche 917 Scale Models. from Manufactures like Brekina, Schuco, Wiking ,Rietze,Bub,Minichamps.

Brekina VW Bus and VW Bug Models are HO Scale and made of Plastic. The Detail in scale is excellent. Brekina Porsche models are made of Plastic. we also have many other European Car Makes BMW ,Mercedes Benz ,Smart ,Unimog,Ford,Opel,MAN,Fiat,Volvo,Audi,Austin,Jaguar,Mini,DKW ,Heinkel,

Schuco piccolo Models are made of Metal (Solid Metal) Schuco Makes VW Bus and VW Bus Diecast Models. Schuco Edition 1:43 are Fine Quality Deicast Models. Schuco Junior Line model are 1:72 scale Diecast ,1:43 Diecast and 1:24 Diecast VW Models and Porsche models.

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7/11/2012 5:30 PM
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9/14/2012 7:19 PM
Probably in Germany getting more stuff.
2/27/2014 8:33 PM
A minute saved is a minute eadnre, and this saved hours!
2/28/2014 8:23 PM
I assume from the quiotesn that you are talking about a carmakers compromise, attempting to increase fuel economy or battery range  by reducing power and speed, by making the whole car smaller (for large people, less comfortable) and making design choices to maximize efficiency rather than style.  It doesn't have to be that way.Electric and hybrid cars can definitely compete in terms of comfort and looks.  A car's looks are completely independent of the power train.  The Chevy Tahoe Hybrid looks just like the gas version and has all the same amenities.  One could build an all-electric or hybrid drive train for any car, so looks are a non-issue.  Comfort, in terms of the way the seats are designed, the shape of the interior is also a non issue.  In terms of climate control, at present electric cars have problems with both heating and air conditioning.  Both systems dramatically reduce an electric car's battery range.In terms of speed and power, hybrid cars can be built to have more of both.  If you look at the Honda Insight, there's an obvious design similarity to the Honda CRX from 20 years earlier.  Where the CRX HF had a 1.3L 58-hp engine and got 45 mpg, the 2010 Insight has a 1.3L, 98hp engine PLUS a 13hp electric motor for a total of 111hp and 43 mpg.  So the hybrid has nearly double the power, and fuel economy that's almost as good.  In other words, the hybrid lets us have econo-box mileage with regular car power. For electric cars, the real issue is not speed, power, comfort or looks, but range.  You could have 1500 hp in an electric car, you could go 0-60 in no time flat and then run out of battery in less than a mile.  Or you can build an electric to handle long ranges on a single charge but with anemic power and a low top speed.  With current technology, if you want an electric car with regular car power and speed, you're going to have to plug in after about 35 miles. [url=]sabbpcdxuh[/url] [link=]uniwmy[/link]
2/28/2014 10:42 PM
That's the whole point of hybrids and <a href="">elcicrtes</a>.   It's easy to make an electric vehicles fast and powerful, just difficult for it to have range.   The first cars to reach 60mph were electric cars.   You could easily put in a thousand horsepower electric motor into a car but the batteries would be depleted very quickly.  We've been able to make gas cars with 50mpg plus back in 1982 which is still better than what the modern hybrids get but they lacked speed and power, the addition of an electric motor making the efficient cars hybrids is what gives the power and performance that the consumer wants.We really don't need hybrids and electric cars.   We don't even need so many cars.   If we were willing to accept the lackluster performance of the 1982 econoboxes then why enhance the performance with an electric motor?   If we want the flexibility to change the fuel source from fossil to something clean like solar by using electric vehicles then why don't we just synthesize gasoline from CO2 and H2O with solar power?   Synthesized fuels could even be carbon negative whilst an electric vehicle with solar generated electricity is at best carbon neutralUltimately, Hybrid and electric will be seen for what they are, marketing to create an additional market niche for new cars just like model years, tail fins, station wagons, minivans, SUV's and Flex Fuel cars.   Measures that would actually make a difference such as changing how we make the gasoline just doesn't make the auto manufacturers any money.
3/4/2014 10:47 PM
The Honda Civic Hybrid deserves a lot more aettntion than it gets.  The Camry hybrid may be the most cost-effective hybrid on the market. (The premium cost for the hybrid system is minimal.)  The upcoming Honda CRZ may be a neat coupe.  The Phoenix may be available soon.  The one car I am waiting for is the Venture One. Go to [url=]womxhkg[/url] [link=]fvnmwp[/link]